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in 2019, the

release time:2019-07-25 source:fiocco click:283

in order to make new employees integrate into the company's team faster and better, inherit the company's corporate culture and business skills, improve the business literacy and quality cultivation of new employees, and build a growth platform for enterprises to cultivate and bring up business elite talents, fiocco group held the 2019 "teacher leading apprentice" worship ceremony on the morning of july 25, shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, and other senior executives of the company as well as 12 pairs of teachers and apprentices attended the master worship ceremony.

director shi said at the meeting that in order to increase the apprentice's sense of belonging and enhance the tutor's sense of responsibility, the company specially held this teacher worship ceremony to promote the helping atmosphere and promote the growth of new people. apprentices should follow the example of their tutors, be open-minded and inquisitive, respect their masters and work diligently; all teachers should take it as their duty to lead good disciples without reservation and care. i believe that with the joint efforts of teachers and apprentices, fiocco group will create a better tomorrow!

talent is the most precious asset of the enterprise. the "teacher leading apprentice" worship ceremony of fiocco group aims to carry forward the spirit of "passing on, helping and leading", inherit the corporate culture, form a stepped talent training mode, enhance the talent support and development stamina of fiocco group, and realize the sustainable development of fiocco group "working from generation to generation and from generation to generation".