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research group of ningbo municipal bureau of statistics

release time:2019-07-22 source:fiocco click:280

on the morning of july 22, hu jianhua, leader of the research group of ningbo municipal bureau of statistics, chen danfeng, leader of the research group of yinzhou district bureau of statistics, and other leaders visited fiocco group for investigation and research. mao lilu, assistant president of fiocco group, lin yaying and pei chengmin, financial directors of figo group, participated in the investigation.

at the seminar, president mao gave a comprehensive explanation on the production, operation and development of fiocco group. subsequently,fiocco group actively cooperated with the research group, and the two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the production and operation status of enterprises, tax reduction and fee reduction, and the impact of economic and trade frictions.

the leaders of the research group of the municipal bureau of statistics highly affirmed the development of fiocco group. fiocco group sincerely thanks the leaders of the municipal research group for their visit to the company and the long-term care and help of relevant government departments to the group.