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never forget the original intention and forge ahead

release time:2019-08-01 source:fiocco click:284

the annual summary meeting of fiocco group was successfully held on july 31, 2019. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, zhou yafang, general manager of ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd. and heads of various departments of the group attended the meeting.

at the meeting, the heads of all departments of the group made a detailed report on the work in the first half of the year and the work arrangement and deployment in the second half of the year.
subsequently, ms. zhou zaifang, the general person in charge of the group's integrated platform, reviewed the development process of the integrated platform. she said that over the past six years, the integrated platform has been moving forward from scratch. this year, huayi import and export was rated as a comprehensive foreign trade service demonstration enterprise in zhejiang province, becoming the youngest of the nine provincial integrated service demonstration enterprises in ningbo. these achievements can not be achieved without the joint efforts of everyone. in the future, we should not forget our original intention, forge ahead and meet a better future with the group.

at the end of the meeting, director shi briefly reviewed the operation of fiocco group in the first half of the year. in the first half of the year, fiocco group ranked 36th among the top 200 import and export enterprises in ningbo in the first half of 2019, up 16 places from the same period last year; ningbo ranked 15th among the top 200 export enterprises in the first half of 2019, up 9 places from the same period last year; ranked 51st in "2019 zhejiang ningbo top 100"; selected into the list of annual foreign trade effectiveness engineering enterprises in yinzhou district; "fiocco" brand was ranked 65th in the top 100 brands in ningbo in 2019, with a brand value of 1.27 billion. director shi affirmed the achievements made by various departments of the group in the first half of the year.

mr. shi said that while achieving good results, we should also see that the group is still in the development stage, and there is room for improvement and optimization in many work. therefore, we should "keep our original heart, shoulder our mission, find gaps and implement". director shi put forward the following five requirements:
1、 never forget the original heart and firm confidence. confidence is more valuable than gold. when you encounter difficulties, you must not find excuses, but have the courage to go against the trend;
2、 find problems and gaps, and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. "bear the difficulties in the difficulties, is the superior person." when encountering setbacks, stop complaining about the external environment, find more problems and deficiencies, dare to undertake, go all out and seek effective solutions;
3、 innovative thinking, change and innovation. we must abandon the idea of complacency and complacency, establish a sense of innovation, dare to try innovative means and constantly challenge new goals;
4、 change work style and improve team management ability. the management should "be more coaches and less athletes";
5、 all things are established in advance and abandoned without advance. in the work, we should have careful planning and arrangement, take precautions and take precautions.
keep the original heart and develop the future. in the future work, fiocco group will give a satisfactory answer to its original intention and mission with the spirit of practical work and innovative thinking.