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leaders of ningbo council for the promotion

release time:2019-08-30 source:fiocco click:313

on the afternoon of august 30, xu guangxian, president of ningbo council for the promotion of international trade, zhao dafang, deputy inspector and secretary general, xu weidong, deputy inspector and minister of international liaison, and his party visited fiocco group for investigation and exchange. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, warmly received them

at the symposium, mr. shi expressed his sincere thanks to president xu of ccpit and his party for coming to fiocco and caring about the development of the group, and then reported on the development status of fiocco group and the construction and future planning of yesgo valley platform.

president xu highly appreciated the business philosophy and development model of fiocco group, spoke highly of the innovative development of new economy and new business forms of fiocco yesgo valley, and expressed concern about the problems encountered by enterprises in the development of international trade. in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, director shi carried out in-depth discussion with the visiting leaders and put forward relevant policy suggestions.

according to the feedback from director shi, president xu said that ccpit will give full play to the advantages of contact channels, strengthen the contact between icc and chambers of commerce around the world, and provide point-to-point and accurate services for enterprises; actively play the role of ccpit in international commercial mediation and help enterprises effectively solve trade disputes; continue to play the role of spokesperson for enterprises, effectively solve problems for enterprises, build a new relationship between government and business, optimize the business environment, and promote the harmonious coexistence and coordinated development of government and business.