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leaders of the general office of ningbo municipal party committee

release time:2019-09-05 source:fiocco click:265

on the morning of september 5, zhang huiyi, deputy director of the general office of ningbo municipal party committee, and other leaders visited fiocco group to investigate the enterprise development and transformation. jin feihui, secretary of dongjiao street, accompanied the investigation, and shi mei, assistant to the president of fiocco group, warmly received.

the visiting leaders and their delegation visited the fiocco cloud garment valley shared exhibition hall, fabric area and photography area, and learned in detail the innovative ideas, practical measures and achievements of fiocco group in accelerating transformation and upgrading.
deputy director zhang fully affirmed and highly praised the achievements of fiocco yesgo valley in integrating industrial chain resources, building public service platform and actively promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading. he pointed out that traditional industries are an important carrier and platform for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and the main force leading future development. enterprises should put the foothold of transformation and upgrading on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and maximize the realization of "innovation in the middle". fiocco yesgo valley integrates the resources of the whole upstream and downstream industrial chain of textile and garment, and realizes the vertical integration of the industrial chain; at the same time, the horizontal combination of supply chains such as manufacturing technology and internet technology supporting textiles and clothing to form a cluster development model is an innovative path for the private economy to develop to high quality based on the industrial foundation.

deputy director zhang hopes that fiocco yesgo valley will continue to give full play to its platform advantages, improve the industrial agglomeration effect, drive the transformation and upgrading of ningbo's textile and garment industry, and contribute to the overall goal of promoting the construction of "2.46 trillion" industrial clusters in ningbo. secretary jin feihui also said that the east suburb street will also serve forward, take the initiative, actively help enterprises solve the practical difficulties and problems encountered in transformation and upgrading, and provide all-round service guarantee for accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.