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rainbow after the storm | fiocco group

release time:2019-08-21 source:fiocco click:278

after the landing of the no. 9 super typhoon "lichema" this year, the wind is extremely strong, the rainfall is extremely large and the influence range is extremely wide, which has brought a great test to yinzhou.

in order to summarize the achievements and experience of anti taiwan disaster relief and commend the advanced individuals and collectives emerging in anti taiwan disaster relief, the anti taiwan summary and commendation conference of yinzhou district was held in the district culture and art center on the afternoon of the 20th. at the meeting, fiocco group won the "advanced collective of anti taiwan and disaster relief in yinzhou district, ningbo".

in response to the attack of "lichma", fiocco group established an emergency anti taiwan team with chairman shi yun as the general command. during the typhoon, in order to ensure the property safety of the group, all members of the anti taiwan team gave up their rest time, stayed on duty all night, checked the disaster situation of each department of the group against strong winds and heavy rain, and investigated potential safety hazards.
after the storm, there is a rainbow. in the face of super typhoon, fiocco people unite as one, fight against taiwan with one heart, work together for disaster relief, reduce disaster losses to a minimum, and finally win a major victory against taiwan! let's cheer for the anti taiwan heroes and cheer for ourselves!