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anti epidemic road , thank you

release time:2020-03-25 source:fiocco click:294

recently, the leading group of prevention and control of pneumonia in ningbo infected by new coronavirus has issued the circular on the comprehensive restoration of production and life order. with the spring returning and the vegetation recovering, ningbo has fully restored the order of production and life, and the epidemic is gradually disappearing. victory is in sight.

in this "epidemic prevention and production protection" interdiction war, every fiocco person is making all kinds of efforts for the epidemic situation, waiting in full battle, silently adhering to it, and making important contributions to the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation of the company.

anti epidemic road  , thank you!

thanks for the deployment and full launch of epidemic prevention

during the spring festival, with the aggravation of the epidemic, fiocco management entered the working state early and comprehensively started the company's epidemic prevention and control work under the leadership of general manager shi. purchase epidemic prevention materials, issue the company's epidemic prevention management measures and systems, and establish the basic framework of epidemic prevention and control. at the same time, collect and verify the travel information of all employees during the spring festival, track and inquire about their physical conditions, and timely take measures such as delayed return, home isolation and dormitory isolation for relevant personnel, so as to effectively prevent the risk of epidemic spread.

prevention and control documents

thank you for your persistence · volunteers in action

since the official commencement of the group on february 10, the group has carried out temperature measurement and control for the personnel entering and leaving the company according to the epidemic prevention requirements. fiocco volunteers go out early and return late every day, rain or shine, stick to their posts, and carry out temperature detection for all foreign personnel with a high sense of responsibility and mission, so as to prevent the occurrence of imported infection accidents.

first day on duty



  in order to ensure the safety of the company's office environment, the group and branch arrange the disinfectant and carry the 20kg weight disinfectant sprayer, disinfect each area regularly and register well.

thank you for your efforts. let's go

during the extraordinary period, fiocco group changed its production of masks and protective clothing. in order to speed up the production of protective materials, the male compatriots of the group went out for many times to carry materials and sprinkle their sweat on the road of anti epidemic.

after one hour's handling in the cold wind, all 208 tubes of 15 tons of fabrics were placed in the production workshop


handling and assembly of mask machine

during the epidemic period, infigo switched to the production of isolation clothes, civilian masks and other epidemic prevention materials, which had a certain impact on the original production rhythm of the workshop. in order to successfully complete the task, all fiocco people gave up their rest time, the workshop staff worked overtime at full power, and other departments cooperated with the back work of the auxiliary workshop and made every effort to catch up with the production, it fully demonstrates the fiocco people's noble sense of responsibility and selfless dedication.


thank you for the hymn of the charge fiocco warrior

in order to ensure the normal production of the company's masks, five employees from all departments of the group bravely shouldered the heavy burden, formed a mask team and went to dongguan to learn the operation and commissioning of the equipment. they didn't have a good rest for several days and nights. at the beginning of the operation stage of the mask production line, they took turns to wait by the machine day and night, debug the equipment at any time, eliminate faults in time, and ensure the smooth production of the equipment.

award by general manager shi

general manager shi awarded awards (from left: zhu zhiyong, wu qibo, chen yongmei, xin weizhong, zheng yuan)

fiocco warrior hymn

this is destined to be a year of gengzi to be written into history,
joy is stifled by an invisible machete,
extermination spreads like weeds in china.

the sky from yongcheng to dongguan,
flying proudly past a group of retrograde geese,
several fiocco warriors,
unable to appreciate the spring scenery of guancheng,
plunge into the learning mask production line,
i didn't sleep for 36 hours,

assembly, troubleshooting and commissioning
boiled water, instant noodles, boxed rice
one hundred thousand a day finally came true.

over fiocco group in the early morning,
the stars are extraordinarily bright,
on the way home from yinxian avenue,
the tired face is in full bloom with the smile of the heart,
in the current national disaster,
fiocco, thanks to you, the most lovely person,
we will get through the crisis!