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carry out technical assistance

release time:2020-03-23 source:fiocco click:295

on the morning of march 23rd, xiao yong, an expert in the field of intelligent mask manufacturing of ningbo fuxin line technology research institute, led by xiao yong, vice president of ningbo fuxin line technology research institute.

vice president xiao communicated and guided in the workshop

in the mask production workshop, vice president xiao and worker fan checked the whole production process one by one from raw materials to finished products, strictly controlled the quality, timely put forward rectification opinions for the problems found on site, and had in-depth communication with the person in charge of the workshop on machine operation, product indicators, test methods and other aspects.

the technical assistance provided by yongzhi research institute for the production of enterprises effectively solved the technical problems in the production of fiocco masks at the initial stage of production conversion, effectively solved the problem of quality control in production, helped our company improve efficiency, enhance production capacity and effectively ensure the production of epidemic prevention materials.