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fang wei, deputy director of municipal bureau of science

release time:2020-03-31 source:fiocco click:290

this afternoon, fang wei, deputy director of ningbo science and technology bureau, and his party visited fiocco yesgo valley for investigation and guidance. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, executive director of yesgo valley, mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, etc. accompanied the reception. deputy director fang and his party successively visited the shared areas such as yesgo valley big data platform, exhibition hall, fabric area and roadshow hall, as well as the phase ii construction project, and had a detailed understanding of the construction content, scale and operation mode of yesgo valley complex.

deputy director fang highly recognized the platform environment and development concept of yesgo valley, and affirmed and looked forward to the construction of phase ii of yesgo valley. he said that the main purpose of this visit to yesgo valley was to pay attention to the construction of relevant industrial innovation service complexes under the epidemic and fully support the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in various regions.
the leaders of ningbo science and technology bureau visited yesgo valley to investigate and care about the development of the park, which further boosted the confidence of the industry. small and micro businesses will shoulder the responsibility of platform, minimize the impact of the epidemic, and continuously innovate, and actively explore the new mode of "internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain", providing efficient links and specialized services for small and micro enterprises, and building a good eco innovation circle for clothing enterprises.