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make good use of the platform

release time:2020-04-17 source:fiocco click:304
with the spread of the epidemic overseas, the reduction of foreign trade demand orders, difficulties in the operation of overseas buyers, and the upgrading of personnel entry-exit, cross-border logistics, inspection and quarantine, the global industrial chain is facing severe challenges. how should ningbo textile and garment enterprises deal with the rare crisis? as the top 20 foreign trade export enterprises in ningbo, fiocco group did not wait for the epidemic to subside, but dared to look for opportunities in danger. with the help of government departments, fiocco group joined hands with the majority of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in the city to create a new road.
first, actively speak for the enterprises settled in the foreign trade platform and strive for policy support. at present, the huayi foreign trade platform under fiocco has become one of the 11 comprehensive foreign trade service platforms in ningbo, serving more than 8000 small and medium-sized enterprises. affected by the epidemic, small, medium-sized and micro enterprises are generally facing financing problems, but due to the integration of foreign trade business into the platform, they cannot enjoy the ningbo trade loan policy in the "12 preferential enterprises" of ningbo foreign trade. on the other hand, the platform is not a financial institution and does not have lending qualification. under the dilemma, how can the platform further maintain the downstream customer relationship and increase customer viscosity? at the beginning of resumption of work, i was considering this issue and reported it to the municipal government and relevant departments through various channels. at present, ningbo has extended the depth and breadth of ningbo trade loan and policy bank services for small and medium-sized foreign trade and micro enterprises.

second, give further play to the role of yunchang valley platform and overcome difficulties with small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. ningbo yesgo valley platform is an innovative and comprehensive service platform for textile and garment industry initiated by fiocco group and jointly built by domestic and foreign high-end think tanks, well-known universities, scientific research institutes and financial institutions. with a total investment of 300 million yuan, it provides design creativity, technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, marketing management, inspection and testing diversified services such as intellectual property rights have been recognized as a national textile and garment creative design pilot park by the ministry of industry and information technology, and listed as the "national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and innovation support platform construction project" by the national development and reform commission. since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the cloud valley platform has been playing a strong role in the supply chain service and platform of the industry, and has opened up more than 2600 large and downstream businesses and 50 thousand styles of clothing such as the group that cooperate with the group, and has been able to free up the loss of the platform enterprises.

third, seize opportunities in danger and speed up the conversion of epidemic prevention materials. in the context of the overall decline in external demand, if you blindly wait for or rely on a market, the cash flow of enterprises will be stretched and even face serious difficulties. the global epidemic has made epidemic prevention materials "just needed". relying on the rich resources of design and r & d, intelligent manufacturing, flour and auxiliary material supply, logistics, capital chain and other aspects on the ecological platform of the whole textile and garment industry chain, yesgo valley has quickly switched to epidemic prevention materials - purchased the raw materials and auxiliary materials of emergency epidemic prevention materials at the first time, and completed the technical design and r & d of epidemic prevention materials at the first time complete the overall production arrangement at the first time, ensure the production progress, and donate isolation clothes to medical staff at the first time... since the resumption of work on february 10, we have produced 10 million epidemic masks and 200000 sets of protective isolation clothes, which not only strongly supports the global epidemic prevention cause including china, but also opens up new growth points for enterprises.

textile and garment enterprises rely heavily on labor, and the epidemic situation makes this problem more serious. in the next step, we will speed up the construction of a digital intelligent manufacturing center with a total area of 15000 square meters. the transformed yesgo digital workshop has the core advantages of highly collaborative process technology management, visual production process management, shared storage system management, digital enabled big data analysis management and so on. it supports the mixed flow production of various orders and improves production efficiency. at the same time, take advantage of the scientific and technological innovation chain to restore and improve production capacity and realize the seamless connection of the whole chain.
in the future, fiocco will work with tens of thousands of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to stick to the original intention of the main textile and garment industry, work together to get out of the dilemma and usher in the spring season of ningbo foreign trade.