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entering a new stage of digitization

release time:2020-04-15 source:fiocco click:289

on the morning of april 15, the signing ceremony of "fiocco yesgo valley digital intelligent manufacturing project" jointly built by yesgo valley fashion technology co., ltd. and hangzhou maidi intelligent technology co., ltd. was held in yesgo valley. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, executive director of yesgo valley, lv yonggui, chairman of midea smart, zhong bo, general manager of midea smart, etc. attended the signing ceremony. the signing of this agreement marks the official launch of the project of yesgo valley digital intelligent manufacturing innovation center.

as a key project of hangzhou "blue and blue plan", midea intelligence, relying on the technical advantages of the institute of modern manufacturing engineering of zhejiang university and the school of mechanical engineering of hangzhou university of electronic science and technology, fully integrates the whole industrial chain resources of yesgo textile and garment platform by using digital intelligent technology, and provides a whole system and software hardware collaborative overall solution, jointly build a digital intelligent manufacturing ecosystem with innovation as the core.

as a construction project of industrial innovation service complex in zhejiang province, fiocco yesgo valley has won three "national brand" honors, namely "national textile and garment creative design pilot park", "national manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship platform pilot demonstration project" and "national" innovation and entrepreneurship "support platform". in the newly built 15000 square meters digital intelligent manufacturing center, create the industry's only dual inbound intelligent hanging system that can be deployed across platforms based on b / s architecture. the newly built yesgo digital intelligent manufacturing innovation center has "highly collaborative process technology management", "visual production process management", "refined cost control management", "shared storage system management" and "whole process quality control management" "equipment and facilities management in the whole life cycle" and "digital enabled big data analysis management" and other core advantages. the personnel, equipment, materials, process and version of the center are highly networked and coordinated. the "double entry" intelligent hanging design and buffer design scheme are adopted to realize the flexible production of small batch orders and large batch orders, and 5g technology is used, design the access network architecture. after the completion of the project, it will become the first textile and garment digital intelligent manufacturing innovation platform integrating innovation and r & d in ningbo.

"leading the industrial chain with fashion and creativity and empowering the ecosystem with science and technology services", the construction of fiocco yesgo valley digital intelligent manufacturing innovation center project, with the comprehensive integrated development mode of "industry" and "science and technology", provides high-quality shared resources for the online and offline textile and garment enterprises of the complex in a more professional and differentiated manner, constructs an innovation enabling ecosystem, and creates an innovative and innovative environment based on ningbo a public service platform for the whole textile and garment industry chain serving the whole country and radiating the whole world, helping to drive the common development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial and innovative garment enterprises, and helping the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry.