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inspector liu changyu of the foreign trade

release time:2020-04-17 source:fiocco click:297

  on the afternoon of april 17, inspector liu changyu of the foreign trade department of the ministry of commerce, accompanied by relevant leaders of the special office of the ministry of commerce in hangzhou, the provincial department of commerce and the municipal and district bureaus of commerce, visited fiocco group to conduct a special investigation on the export of epidemic prevention materials.

  at the symposium, shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, introduced to inspector liu and other relevant leaders that fiocco group changed its production to civilian protective masks and isolation clothes for the first time after the spring festival, so as to provide emergency epidemic prevention materials for ningbo. recently, due to the expansion of the global epidemic and the needs of foreign customers, the production department of the group adjusted the production line and produced all kinds of epidemic prevention materials at full power for export. since the beginning of february, the group has produced 10 million disposable protective masks and 200000 sets of protective isolation clothes.

  in terms of foreign trade export, affected by the global epidemic, fiocco group's foreign trade business has experienced customer refund, cancellation, delayed shipment and delayed payment of goods, which has a certain impact on the group's foreign trade export throughout the year. in addition, at present, the demand for foreign epidemic prevention materials has surged, while the price of raw and auxiliary materials of domestic epidemic prevention materials has increased by an order of magnitude, which has also seriously affected the export of epidemic prevention materials by production enterprises. shi dong expressed the hope that relevant state departments can introduce relevant policies to rectify and deal with illegal manufacturers, so as to make the production and supply of epidemic prevention materials more standardized.

  inspector liu chang highly affirmed fiocco group's efforts to produce high-standard epidemic prevention materials regardless of cost during the epidemic to support the epidemic prevention work at home and abroad. he stressed that at present, the price of raw materials of epidemic prevention materials is indeed non-standard and a few are shoddy. this investigation and research is also to master the first-hand relevant data of epidemic prevention materials in order to formulate relevant policies. the research team will carefully summarize and analyze the problems and demands reflected by enterprises, control the epidemic prevention material market, improve export related policies, broaden export channels for enterprises, help enterprises solve the problems encountered in foreign trade as much as possible, and fully support the development of enterprises.