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guide the research of yesgo valley

release time:2019-05-29 source:fiocco click:275
on the morning of may 28, zhang shifang, director of ningbo municipal bureau of economy and information technology, zhou ping, director of the industrial park department of ningbo municipal bureau of economy and information technology, zheng bo, office of ningbo municipal bureau of economy and information technology, and others visited the yesgo valley of fiocco group for investigation and guidance, accompanied by yan yanping, director of yinzhou district bureau of economy and information technology, and shen hongfeng, chief engineer of yinzhou district bureau of economy and information technology.
accompanied by shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, zhang bureau and his party visited the comprehensive platform for innovative services of textile and garment industry in yesgo valley, and then had a discussion and exchange on the construction planning of yesgo valley park and the development of small and micro enterprises in the park.

at the meeting, shi dong first introduced the cloud valley platform in detail. he mentioned that the cloud valley is a new way of the internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain, integrating the resources of the textile and garment industry chain, and grafting the cross border service resources to create a textile and garment industry complex platform.
at present, yesgo valley has established strategic cooperation with a number of colleges and universities, financial institutions, venture capital funds, accounting firms, tax firms, law firms, inspection and testing institutions, aiming to provide more comprehensive supporting services for enterprises in the park.
shi dong said that in the future, yesgo valley will continue to enrich the construction of think tanks and realize the grafting of cross-border service resources; provide high-quality resources of the whole industry chain for textile and garment enterprises, help drive the joint development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial and innovative garment enterprises, and improve and optimize the soft environment for the development of textile and garment industry.

in this regard, zhang bureau fully affirmed and pointed out that the small and micro enterprise park is an important carrier to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of market players. the construction of small and micro enterprise park is not a simple agglomeration in quantity, but a comprehensive improvement of quality and efficiency, business model, public services, development environment and the competitiveness of small and micro enterprises.
zhang ju stressed that fiocco yesgo valley fashion technology park is a "leading enterprise " model. he hoped that yesgo valley would give full play to the advantages of sharing and enabling all factor resources in the industrial chain of leading enterprises, create a more dynamic enterprise ecosystem, help and solve the pain points and difficulties in the entrepreneurship and innovation development of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and promote small and micro enterprises to speed up their high-quality development, it forms a demonstration effect for the transformation and upgrading of textile and garment enterprises in ningbo.