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leaders of ningbo finance bureau

release time:2019-06-03 source:fiocco click:298

on the afternoon of june 3, zhu peinan, deputy director of ningbo municipal bureau of finance, tu gengsheng, party secretary of yinzhou district bureau of finance and other leaders visited fiocco group for investigation. this research mainly focuses on the impact of sino us trade friction on fiocco group. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, warmly received and zhou yafang, general manager of ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd., accompanied to participate in the research symposium.

at the meeting, president zhou first made a brief introduction to the business scope and operation status of fiocco group's foreign trade comprehensive service platform. she said that under the influence of the sino us trade war, fiocco group communicated with customers in time externally, adjusted its development strategy internally according to the actual situation, reduced losses to the greatest extent, and maintained the steady growth of the group's import and export volume.

deputy director zhu highly appreciated the business philosophy and development strategy of fiocco group, and expressed concern about whether various preferential policies issued by relevant municipal departments in recent years really benefit the enterprise and help the enterprise solve key and practical problems. in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, director shi carried out in-depth discussion with the leaders at the two levels of the urban area, and put forward relevant policy suggestions. deputy director zhu stressed that this trip is to listen to the truth, listen to the truth, think about what the enterprise thinks and worry about what the enterprise is anxious about, so as to achieve the accuracy of the policy in place.

at the end of the meeting, mr. shi made a detailed report on the construction plan of the platform of yesgo valley. leaders at the urban level expressed their strong support for enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation, and gave deep hopes for the future development of yesgo valley.