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leaders of ningbo taxation bureau

release time:2019-09-09 source:fiocco click:277

on the afternoon of september 6, xia hongbo, deputy director of the second branch of ningbo municipal bureau of taxation of the state administration of taxation, and other leaders visited fiocco group for investigation. wu bikai, deputy director of the second branch of ningbo municipal bureau of taxation, huang min, deputy director of yinzhou district bureau of taxation, xia qifeng, section chief and others accompanied the investigation. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, lin yaying, chief financial officer and others accompanied the investigation.

at the research forum, mr. shi expressed sincere thanks to the visiting leaders for their visit and concern for the development of the group, and reported on the development process, industrial layout, strategic planning and development prospects of fiocco group.
after listening to the report, deputy director xia fully affirmed the achievements of fiocco group and encouraged enterprises to continue to make progress while maintaining stability and become bigger and stronger

subsequently, lin yaying and zhao hong of the finance department of fiocco group had an in-depth discussion and exchange with the visiting leaders on the problems encountered in the actual work, such as the tax management of business transactions between affiliated enterprises and the actual operation of the existing tax rebate system.

deputy director xia's visit also brought the relevant policies of the municipal taxation bureau on launching the new online declaration system of export tax rebate at the end of the year. deputy director xia said that in the follow-up work, the tax department will strengthen policy publicity, interpretation and guidance services, provide more convenient tax services for enterprises, enhance the sense of acquisition of enterprises, and answer and solve the questions raised by enterprises at the first time, so as to better serve enterprises and help enterprises develop with high quality.