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pair up to help, help public welfare, fiocco has been on the road!

release time:2020-01-13 source:fiocco click:294

in april 2019, fiocco group established a pair assistance relationship with tongyi village, dongwu town, yinzhou district, and successively carried out pair assistance activities such as post typhoon condolences, so as to better understand the situation of tongyi village. when the spring festival in 2020 is approaching, shi yun, chairman of the group, is concerned about helping the poor people in the village in pairs.

on the morning of january 13, accompanied by xu rong, chairman of the trade union of dongwu town, lu wenbo, secretary of the general party branch of tongyi village, and ying zhongyan, director of tongyi village, mr. shi and his entourage visited and expressed condolences to 17 families in poverty due to illness, and sent them condolences and new year greetings.
in each household, mr. shi and the people he helped asked for help in detail about their current physical condition, family status, source of income and other conditions, as well as the practical difficulties they encountered in life, and encouraged them to adjust their mentality, cheer up and strengthen their faith in life.

the needy people who received the help expressed their deep gratitude for the concern and help of the enterprise, and said that with the help of the town, village and enterprise, they will strive to overcome the difficulties and believe that the difficulties will pass.