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leaders of yinzhou district federation of trade unions

release time:2020-01-10 source:fiocco click:286

on the morning of january 10, qian fang, deputy director of the standing committee of yinzhou district people's congress and chairman of the district federation of trade unions, and yao yanjun, executive vice chairman, accompanied by wang jinhua, chairman of the dongjiao street federation of trade unions, came to the group to express condolences to comrade shi yun, a provincial model worker, and distribute condolences.

 in the conference room, mr. shi introduced the group's production and operation in 2019, the group's transformation and development and future planning, and thanked the district federation of trade unions for their long-term concern and support for the group's economic development and people's livelihood.

chairman qian said that model workers are valuable wealth. the honor of model workers is hard won. they have made extraordinary achievements in ordinary posts and are worth learning and inheriting. this time, not only flowers and condolence money are given to model workers, but also a thick blessing and care, which reflects the concern of the trade union for model workers and creates a good atmosphere of learning model workers, caring for model workers, advocating model workers, respecting model workers and striving to be model workers in the whole society.
at the same time, chairman qian fully affirmed the group's work in caring for employees and creating a harmonious corporate culture, expressed cordial condolences to all cadres and employees of the group, and wished the enterprise new achievements in high-quality transformation and development.