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good news! fiocco group won many honors

release time:2020-01-20 source:fiocco click:285

on the afternoon of january 19, the party member representative meeting and 2019 annual summary and commendation conference of the eastern suburb street of yinzhou district were held in ningbo kaiyuan hotel. the conference commended all kinds of advanced collectives and individuals.

more than 500 people attended the meeting, including jin feihui, secretary of the party working committee of dongjiao street and other leading group members, all street staff, secretaries of community party groups, party member representatives of grass-roots party organizations, heads of relevant units and commended personnel.
fiocco group has won the honorary titles of "special award for outstanding contribution to economic work", "advanced grass-roots party organization", "advanced individual in economic work", "excellent party worker", "advanced individual in organizing discipline inspection", "excellent party member", "excellent member of parliament" and so on.

in 2020, fiocco group will continue to make unremitting efforts, concentrate and forge ahead, continue to give full play to the fighting fortress role of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, increase confidence, strengthen the core, gather the hearts of the people and promote the center, effectively promote economic development, truly promote enterprise party construction and enterprise development, and embark on a new path of enterprise party construction.