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help the current epidemic and donate money!

release time:2020-01-29 source:fiocco click:280

[donate 300000 yuan to fight the new pneumonia epidemic]

challenges make a nation much stronger. this is a gengzi spring festival shrouded in anxiety, panic and hardship. the sudden virus swallowed up the festive atmosphere, and the intensification and spread of the epidemic closely affected the heartstrings of fiocco people.

dripping water gathers love and dust gathers strength. the group responded positively to the yinzhou district federation of trade unions initiative, and donated 300 thousand yuan to the charity forenoon of the yinzhou district on the morning of january 29th. it donated 39000 masks to the dongqian lake management committee, and fully supported the prevention and control of pneumonia in the fight against infection.

when one side is in trouble, all sides support; the disease is ruthless, figo has love. up to now, fiocco group has donated more than 20 million yuan in social welfare. on the road of undertaking social responsibility and devoting to caring public welfare undertakings, fiocco has been taking action and never stopped.
[prompt introduction of epidemic prevention and control measures]
in response to the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control, the group has set up an emergency response team for epidemic prevention, and has established an emergency handling mechanism for the epidemic, which is monitored in real time and reported daily, so as to grasp the health status of all the employees in time.
at the same time, the group actively responded to the call of the national and provincial governments and delayed the resumption of work until february 10. employees in the closed city area can work from home before the closure of the city, and the group will pay their salaries normally.
after the official commencement, the group will suspend all major gatherings and activities; improve the internal protection level. all employees must wear masks, measure their body temperature and strictly control at the entrance; organize employees to eat in different periods and batches; disinfect and disinfect public places every day.
fiocco will shoulder the social responsibility of a conscientious enterprise with practical actions and vow to win the sniper war of epidemic prevention and control with the people of the whole country!