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zheng kunfa visited fiocco group for investigation

release time:2021-11-03 source:fiocco click:667

on the afternoon of november 1, 2021, chairman zheng kunfa of yinzhou district cppcc and his party, accompanied by han jie, secretary of the party working committee of dongjiao street, visited fiocco group to investigate the development of the enterprise and explore the development demands of the enterprise. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, shi mei, vice president of fiocco group and zhou yafang received.

chairman zheng and his party first visited the y11 fashion brand collection store and online red punch in block newly built by the group. as a new online clock in landmark, y11 fashion block has attracted young people from all walks of life to clock in and take photos. during the visit, chairman zheng learned about the relevant designer brands of the collection store in detail, and praised the construction of y11 fashion block.

at the symposium, chairman shi yun introduced the transformation and upgrading of the group in recent years and the phase ii construction and investment attraction of yesgo valley textile and garment industry platform. it also suggested to chairman zheng that while vigorously attracting foreign investment, the government should also increase effective policy support for the majority of local registered small and medium-sized enterprises. then zhou yafang, vice president and general manager of ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd., reported on the operation of huayi foreign trade comprehensive service platform from january to october 2021 and the focus of work in 2022.

after listening to the report, chairman zheng praised the business philosophy of professional and coordinated development of fiocco group and affirmed the rapid growth of yesgo valley park. he also expressed the hope that the government could increase the support for local small and medium-sized enterprises put forward by the chairman, and said that he would take it back to study and report it to the relevant departments. finally, i hope fiocco group can continue to maintain a good momentum, make persistent efforts, develop steadily and make new breakthroughs.