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working meeting on improving quality and efficiency in 2022

release time:2021-11-29 source:fiocco click:701
on the morning of november 29, the end of 2021 business summary and 2022 quality and efficiency improvement meeting of the international business department were held in the report hall of the group headquarters building. principals of subsidiaries and business managers attended the meeting.
at the meeting, the principals of subsidiaries and business managers reported the sales performance in 2021 and analyzed the current customer dynamics and development trend. chairman shi yun affirmed the achievements made by various departments. put forward requirements for the next work. in view of the current and future international situation, we should pay attention to strengthening risk prevention, but also strengthen confidence, rely on the company's advanced digital chemical plant to develop products, select markets, serve customers, do market analysis, constantly summarize successful experience and failure lessons, and have the courage to innovate.