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huang zhiming director of municipal bureau of science

release time:2020-02-18 source:fiocco click:290

on the morning of february 18, huang zhiming, party secretary and director of ningbo science and technology bureau, accompanied by dai huaxiang, deputy director of yinzhou district and yu wenping, director of yinzhou science and technology bureau, visited fiocco group to investigate the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production of fiocco yesgo valley, a provincial industrial innovation service complex. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, and mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, received and introduced relevant information.

director shi introduced the measures taken by fiocco yesgo valley to actively respond to the sudden epidemic and minimize the losses of platform enterprises.
first, provide relevant certificates for the resumption approval of platform enterprises;
second, provide epidemic prevention materials such as masks for platform enterprises;
third, one month's rent of enterprises settled on the platform will be reduced at the first time;
fourth, provide technical support for enterprises that switch to the production of epidemic prevention materials;
fifth, provide financing guarantee and financing services for enterprises with platform difficulties;
sixth, provide public welfare group recruitment and agent recruitment services for platform enterprises;
seventh, provide processing order support to enterprises that return to work without orders due to the impact of the epidemic.

shi dong introduced that at the critical juncture of fighting the epidemic, the upstream and downstream resources of the textile and garment industry chain of yunshang valley are shared and coordinated, which fully highlights the great efficiency of the industrial complex: purchasing the raw materials and auxiliary materials of emergency epidemic prevention materials at the first time, completing the technical design and r & d of epidemic prevention materials at the first time, completing the overall production arrangement at the first time, ensuring the production progress donated isolation clothes to medical staff in non isolation wards of huamei hospital for the first time... thanks to the resource agglomeration effect of the industrial complex, the "cloud valley speed" of 200000 civilian masks and 8000 civilian isolation clothes per day was realized.
director huang praised the measures taken by yunshang valley platform to actively serve and empower industrial chain enterprises in the current epidemic situation, fully affirmed the resource synergy advantages highlighted by the industrial complex, and encouraged yunshang valley to take advantage of the scientific and technological innovation chain to ensure the material supply chain, realize the seamless connection of the whole chain and further improve the efficiency of the complex while opening up, consolidating and expanding the industrial chain.

finally, director huang hopes that enterprises will guard the "four hearts" and resolutely win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic.
first, full of "confidence". the epidemic is developing fiercely, causing difficulties to the production and operation of enterprises, but at present, it is gradually showing a good trend.
second, the epidemic prevention should be "careful". the resumption of epidemic prevention should be carried out with both hands. in the resumption of work, strict requirements, comprehensive management and fine epidemic prevention should be achieved.
third, strengthen the "determination". as a provincial innovation service complex, yunshang valley platform should continue to give full play to the supporting and leading role of leading enterprises and resolutely shoulder the responsibility of enabling enterprises.
fourth, carry forward "ingenuity", which is also an innovation. at present, yunshang valley platform should actively explore new samples of the role of the complex under emergencies, so as to provide innovative new experience for the industrial complex in ningbo.