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fiocco group continues to fight the epidemic

release time:2020-02-16 source:fiocco click:283

at present, fiocco group continues to actively assume social responsibility, donate materials to the medical staff at the front line of the anti epidemic, and fulfill the commitment of "continuous support for epidemic prevention and control" with practical actions.

[the war against "epidemic" is just tight, and it is more intimate]

donate materials to medical staff

on the morning of february 14, fiocco group donated 1280 sets of high-density yarn woven high-end cotton pajamas worth nearly 200000 yuan to ningbo aid hubei medical team, ningbo first hospital and ningbo huamei hospital.

donated materials for hubei medical team

donated materials of ningbo huamei hospital

donated materials to ningbo first hospital

waving goodbye to your wife and children, cutting off your hair and volunteering to support ningbo medical staff in wuhan, you are all good children of siming. yongcheng's parents and villagers are always concerned about you two thousand miles away. eight million people in your hometown are your rear area. you are expected to make greater contributions to wuhan and the country, and demonstrate the strength of ningbo in the anti epidemic war with practical actions!

the goose feather sent from thousands of miles is light in ceremony and heavy in affection. the medical staff at the forefront of the anti epidemic work long hours, heavy workload and limited rest time. i hope they can sleep comfortably in their hometown pajamas during the shift rest, improve the quality of sleep, devote themselves to the new battle with fuller energy and return victorious as soon as possible.
[converted civilian isolation clothes, first donation to medical staff]

on the afternoon of february 16, fiocco group donated the first batch of 1000 civilian isolation clothes made by working overtime to ningbo huamei hospital for the use of medical staff in non isolated wards, hoping to provide protective "armor" for front-line medical staff and contribute fiocco to the epidemic prevention and control in ningbo.

the first batch of civilian isolation clothes were donated to ningbo huamei hospital

at present, the shortage of protective articles has become the biggest problem. there is not only a shortage of medical protective materials, but also a large gap in civilian isolation clothes.  fiocco group actively responded to the call of ningbo municipal government and undertook the task of formulating process standards for emergency civilian isolation clothes and changing the production of civilian isolation clothes and civilian masks.

fiocco group urgently organized technicians to design and proofing civil isolation clothes at the first time, and implemented the progress of product samples in an unconventional manner. the trial produced civil isolation clothing samples have passed the inspection of ningbo fiber inspection institute, all the data are qualified, and the relevant process production data and samples have been shared with the garment enterprises producing civil isolation clothing in the city.

civil isolation suit sample

civil isolation clothing test report

giving full play to its technical and production advantages in the garment industry, actively changing the r & d and production of civilian isolation clothes, and donating front-line medical personnel are another measure of fiocco group in supporting the fight against the epidemic. it is hoped to contribute to the people on the front line of the fight against the epidemic and help win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic.