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rush to make war robes and give them to

release time:2020-03-11 source:fiocco click:303

recently, fiocco group made 14000 sets of isolation clothes and donated them to more than 20 hospitals in ningbo, which was reported by ningbo evening news. the full text of the report is as follows:

following the first donation of 1000 sets of medical isolation clothes to ningbo huamei hospital on february 13, ningbo fiocco group co., ltd. donated 13000 sets of isolation clothes to 20 public hospitals such as ningbo first hospital, ningbo lihuili hospital, ningbo second hospital, ningbo women's and children's hospital, affiliated hospital of nanjing university, yinzhou people's hospital and yinzhou second hospital on march 6, a total of 14000 sets of isolation clothes were donated for isolation in outpatient, ward and laboratory of medical institutions.

according to shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, fiocco group began to donate anti epidemic materials and donations to the society just at the beginning of the epidemic. first, it donated 300000 yuan to yinzhou district charity federation in the name of the group and 20000 yuan to shi yun. subsequently, he donated 39000 masks to dongqianhu management committee and 1280 high-quality cotton pajamas to doctors participating in the anti epidemic. so far, the group has donated more than 1.6 million yuan.

during the interview, the reporter also learned that not long ago, fiocco group actively responded to the government's call and quickly "changed production". after the provincial and municipal economic and information departments and market supervision departments verified the standards, it immediately put into the production of disposable civilian masks and isolation clothes. in the face of difficulties such as the difficulty of employees returning to ningbo, the shortage of noodles and accessories, logistics congestion and the backlog of foreign trade orders in hand, the leaders of the group encourage everyone to overcome all difficulties and fight against every minute, although we do not have noodles and accessories and sufficient manpower, we have responsibility, confidence, technology and ability, spare no effort, regardless of cost and gain and loss, complete the glorious tasks assigned by the provincial and municipal governments with quality and quantity, and do a social responsibility to combat the epidemic.

under the unified deployment, fiocco group started the "special war mode", quickly proofed samples, commissioned equipment, purchased surface accessories, and issued urgent internal initiatives. once the initiative was issued, the employees responded positively, hundreds of employees quickly arrived at their posts, front-line employees worked overtime for 12 hours a day at full power, logistics administrators did their auxiliary work on weekends, and volunteer pioneers braved the severe cold to carry face accessories with the joint efforts of all parties, fiocco group had produced 4 million disposable civilian masks as of march 9, 65000 sets of isolation clothes. at present, the company is transforming a 1000 square meter 100000 level aseptic workshop, which will be completed in the middle of this month. just two full-automatic mask machines are in place to produce sterile medical masks, which will effectively support the epidemic prevention and control of our city.

reporter: border city rain
editor: zheng yamin