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covid-19's market protection and contribution contribute

release time:2020-06-03 source:fiocco click:319


recently, the zhejiang provincial department of commerce has announced the recognition of the market's contribution to covid-19's prevention and control in the one or two stage of the whole province, which highlights the list of enterprises. fiocco group is honored to be on the list. it has been appraised that "zhejiang's prevention and control of covid-19's market will contribute to the enterprises' outstanding contributions." under the epidemic situation, fiocco gave full play to the technology and platform advantages of the garment industry, helped the epidemic prevention and control, and demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise. this award is not only an affirmation of the outstanding contribution made by fiocco group during the epidemic, but also an incentive.

actively change production

in 2020, with the attack of covid-19, the group of fig responded positively to the call of the ningbo municipal government to "switch production" quickly, giving full play to the technical and production advantages in the garment industry, undertaking the task of developing the emergency civil isolation garment standard, changing the production of civilian isolation clothing and the production of the civil respirator. in the early stage of the epidemic, fiocco group fully cooperated with the municipal government in emergency material support and provided more than 5 million masks. in recent months, the group has produced 10 million disposable protective masks and 200000 sets of protective isolation clothes, which has effectively supported the epidemic prevention and control.

platform assistance

during the epidemic period, fiocco group took the initiative to reduce the office rent for yesgo valley platform enterprises for one month and the rent for the group's talent apartments for one month, so as to take practical actions to reduce the operating burden of various small and micro enterprises in the park, and reduced the rent for platform enterprises by more than 1 million yuan. at the same time, fiocco group held various forms of discussions with platform start-up enterprises to listen to the demands of enterprises and hope to bring small with large. in addition to accurately "irrigating" the government's preferential foreign trade policies to platform enterprises through the platform, fiocco group also provided them with policy consultation, financing guarantee, working capital support and other assistance, in order to tide over the difficulties with platform enterprises.

free donation

in the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the first time the philharmonic group donated 300 thousand yuan to the yinzhou district charity federation, donated 39 thousand masks to the dongqian lake management committee, donated a high-end cotton pajamas worth nearly 200 thousand yuan to the ningbo medical team and other medical staff, and donated 15 thousand sets of isolation clothes to twenty public hospitals in ningbo. we fully support the prevention and control of pneumonia against new coronavirus infection.