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yang huifang, standing committee of district people's congress

release time:2020-05-22 source:fiocco click:303

on the morning of may 22, yang huifang, director of the standing committee of yinzhou district people's congress, cai jianhong, director of the office of the standing committee of yinzhou district people's congress, and yu wenping, director of yinzhou district science and technology bureau, visited fiocco group to extend holiday greetings and condolences to the scientific and technological workers represented by chairman shi yun.

at the symposium, director yang huifang listened to the report of director shi on the production and operation of fiocco group, the work of changing production during the epidemic and the construction of yesgo valley. director yang said that director shi has been rooted in the garment industry for nearly 30 years, led fiocco group to develop and grow step by step, transformed and built an innovative comprehensive service platform for the textile and garment industry, and helped the common development of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. especially during the epidemic period, fiocco group spared no effort to convert emergency epidemic prevention materials regardless of losses, demonstrating the due social responsibility and responsibility of the enterprise. in this regard, on behalf of the four groups of the district, she affirmed and thanked fiocco group for its important contribution to the economic and social development of yinzhou district. director yang stressed that the four groups and departments of the district attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation and scientific and technological talent training, and will continue to improve the scientific and technological innovation system, give full play to the functions of relevant departments, create a better environment for scientific and technological workers' innovation and entrepreneurship, and provide support and help for the development of enterprises.

thanks to the leaders of yinzhou district and the director of the development department of yinzhou district for their great care and sympathy. fiocco group will continue to strengthen technological innovation and scientific and technological talents, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and make new contributions to the sound and rapid economic development of yinzhou district.