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children's family

release time:2020-07-01 source:fiocco click:333

in order to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china, inherit and carry forward the party's fine traditions and further improve the organizational strength and cohesion of grass-roots party organizations, this afternoon, the general party branch of fiocco group rushed to tongyi village, dongwu town, to carry out the theme party day activity of "children's family" to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the party. the activity began with the review of the oath of joining the party. under the bright red party flag, party members and comrades held high their right hands, solemnly vowed and reviewed the oath, expressing their firm determination not to forget their original intention to follow the party, remember their mission and build new achievements. subsequently, hong yinyin, deputy secretary of the general party branch of fiocco group, stated the purpose of this activity in his speech. the general party branch of fiocco group will lead all fiocco people to work hard, never forget their original intention, remember their mission, and walk hand in hand with tongyi village for common development.

during the activity, fiocco group donated 400 fiocco brand t-shirts to tongyi village, distributed condolences to 20 poor party members and people in extreme poverty, and visited 5 poor old party members to learn more about their physical condition and living conditions, send them holiday blessings and greetings, and bring the party's care and warmth.
this party day activity fully demonstrated the positive spirit of fiocco party members, further enhanced the charity awareness and social responsibility of all party members, and implemented the charity concept of fiocco people into practical action, reflecting the warmth of fiocco family. in the future, fiocco group will continue to actively devote itself to public welfare undertakings and contribute to social public welfare undertakings.