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comrade shi yun won the title of

release time:2020-07-09 source:fiocco click:347

we have put the health and safety of the people at the vanguard of the epidemic prevention and control, and made full contributions to the people's health and safety. in order to establish a model and set a benchmark, celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china,

 the general party branch of fiocco group co., ltd. won the "five-star grass-roots party organization" of the organization department of ningbo municipal party committee of the communist party of china, and comrade shi yun, secretary and chairman of the general party branch of fiocco group, won the title of "excellent communist party member in yinzhou district". during the epidemic period, comrade shi yun led fiocco group to actively respond to the call of ningbo municipal government, quickly "change production", undertake the task of formulating process standards for emergency civilian isolation clothes, changing the production of civilian isolation clothes and civilian masks, and effectively support the epidemic prevention and control work. in the face of novel coronavirus pneumonia, comrade shi yun made donations for the first time, and donated the first batch of anti epidemic materials to twenty public hospitals in ningbo. he accumulated more than 160 yuan in donations and contributed to the fight against the epidemic. at the same time, fiocco group took the initiative to reduce or reduce the rent for the enterprises settled on the cloud valley platform affected by the epidemic, provide various assistance services, join hands in fighting the epidemic and overcome the difficulties, highlighting the due social responsibility and corporate responsibility of fiocco group.
as a five-star grass-roots party organization of the organization department of the cpc ningbo municipal committee, the general party branch of fiocco group co., ltd. will not forget its original intention, bear in mind its mission, further consolidate the foundation of grass-roots party construction, give full play to the value of party construction, boost the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the company's production and operation, and continue to solidly promote epidemic prevention and control and social development.