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china textile import and export chamber of commerce

release time:2020-09-11 source:fiocco click:399

this morning, accompanied by chen guofang, secretary general of yinzhou textile and garment international chamber of commerce, cao jiachang, president of china textile import and export chamber of commerce, and his party visited fiocco group for investigation and guidance.

at the forum, shi yun, chairman of the group, chairman cao jiachang and chairman cao jiachang exchanged views on the impact of covid-19's recent foreign trade situation on the textile and garment foreign trade industry and the way of dealing with the business. mr. shi first introduced the production of epidemic prevention materials transferred by fiocco group in the early stage of the epidemic, and said that in the face of the current complex and changeable market situation at home and abroad, fiocco group, on the one hand, improved foreign trade services, built a new digital intelligent manufacturing workshop, improved product quality and market competitiveness, and maintained the trend of stable development of foreign trade exports, on the other hand, actively transformed and upgraded, integrate the resources of the whole textile and garment industry chain, build the textile and garment industry complex platform of yesgo valley, create an enabling ecological environment for the settled small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, provide comprehensive and professional services, and help improve the development of the textile and garment industry. then, mr. shi introduced and displayed the phase ii design plan of fiocco yesgo valley in detail.

president cao jiachang fully affirmed the achievements of fiocco group in the development of import and export business, and spoke highly of fiocco cloud valley's initiatives to build a platform and empower small, medium and micro enterprises in textile and clothing. he said that affected by the epidemic and sino us trade frictions, enterprises should enhance their confidence and actively respond to the market situation of shrinking international market and sluggish foreign trade. it is hoped that fiocco group will give full play to its own advantages and make the platform bigger and stronger. the chamber of commerce will do a good job in various services, strengthen exchanges and cooperation and information exchange with fiocco group, and jointly promote the development and progress of the textile and garment industry.