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happy 28th birthday to fiocco group!

release time:2020-08-23 source:fiocco click:388

·time flies· 

twenty eight years ago, with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, fiocco was born from scratch, from small to large, from a production factory with dozens of people to today's group company. from the basic equipment at the beginning to the intelligent building with digitization and systematization. from a single production and operation to a comprehensive company integrating intelligent manufacturing of textile and garment, brand operation, international trade, comprehensive services of foreign trade and innovation platform of yesgo textile and garment industry.

  ·share weal and woe· 

twenty eight years ago, the thorns and frustrations in the entrepreneurial period and the wind and rain on the development road of ctrip, we suffered, tired and laughed together. we stick to the garment industry, constantly seek change and innovation, adhere to the employment and innovation mechanism focusing on internal training, encourage a large number of excellent talents to work together, lead each coquettish, and lead the team to forge ahead. we are one of the top 50 foreign trade import and export enterprises in ningbo and one of the top 100 comprehensive enterprises in ningbo. at the same time, in recent years, it has won many honors at the national, provincial, municipal and district levels.

 ·face difficulties and be brave in innovation· 

2020 is destined to be an unusual year, and all kinds of unpredictable storms will continue in the future. in the future, we will continue to focus on the integration of intelligent manufacturing and foreign trade comprehensive service platform and yesgo textile and garment industry innovation platform, continue to deepen the talent growth project, deepen the strategic cooperation with colleges and universities and scientific and technological institutions, and constantly lay the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises. with digital intelligent manufacturing as the core, huayi import and export foreign trade comprehensive service platform and yesgo valley textile and garment platform as the two wings, with firm confidence and hundred times of efforts, study hard, forge ahead, set sail, embark on a new process, concentrate and create the future.