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enterprises offer love and help warm people's hearts

release time:2022-01-19 source:fiocco click:1267

with the spring festival approaching, the afternoon of january 19 is sunny and the winter sunshine is particularly warm. hong yinyin, deputy secretary of the general party branch of fiocco group co., ltd., led several members of the general party branch to visit tongyi village, dongwu town, on behalf of chairman shi yun of the group company, accompanied by secretary lu wenbo of tongyi village and several village cadres, he sent cash red envelopes and epidemic masks to the villagers with family difficulties in tongyi village, so that they could feel the warmth from the social family in the cold winter.

participating in assistance and sympathy activities is a way for enterprises to give back to the society. fiocco group also hopes to drive more caring people and enterprises to pay attention to and help the people in difficulty through this practical action. sincere care shows true feelings. fiocco group co., ltd. will do its best to offer love and help the development of social philanthropy.