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tong danxia investigates fiocco group · yesgo valley

release time:2022-02-15 source:fiocco click:1979

on the afternoon of february 15, tong danxia, member of the standing committee of yinzhou district party committee and director of the publicity department, and his party visited fiocco group for investigation. accompanied by han jie, secretary of dongjiao street, lin peiyan, deputy secretary and shi yun, chairman of the group, they visited the projects of the group and yesgo valley park.

minister tong and his party successively visited phase i of yesgo valley, public platform for comprehensive foreign trade services, characteristic settled enterprises, online red punch in block of  yesgo valley and y11 buyer collection store.
at the symposium, shi yun, chairman of the group, reported on the development process, operation status and phase ii development plan of yesgo valley. mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, showed in detail the current construction of fiocco yesgo valley.

minister tong highly affirmed fiocco group's focus on industry and high-quality manufacturing development over the past 30 years, and placed high hopes on the garment industry and textile and garment professional service platform built by fiocco group. she said that fiocco will continue to pay close attention to the textile and garment industry, integrate upstream and downstream enterprises, constantly integrate more trendy business forms, and create a more fashionable, beautiful and distinctive industrial chain ecology in the future, while making the platform bigger and stronger, small, medium-sized and micro enterprises gathered in the park also enjoy dividends.
she also hopes that yesgo valley park will actively apply for characteristic industrial parks, and will give full support to enterprises that need the support of news media in their external promotion.