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fiocco brand glory shortlisted in

release time:2019-05-11 source:fiocco click:264

on the afternoon of may 11, the 2019 china (ningbo) international professional manager talent summit and the press conference of "ningbo top 100 brands" were grandly held in ningbo roman lishe banquet hotel. fiocco group's "fiocco" brand has lived up to expectations, stood out from many brands, and was honored to be shortlisted in the list of top 100 brands in ningbo in 2019, with a brand value of 1.27 billion.

"fiocco" is a brand of medium and high-end women's clothing launched by fiocco group in 2006. the brand concept of "zhishangxin · elegant shape", combined with "simple color system, exquisite fabrics and neat tailoring", has made fiocco win the favor of customers and high reputation in the industry. so far, fiocco has opened dozens of stores in hangzhou, nanjing, changsha, jinan, ningbo and other cities.
the list of top 100 brands in ningbo was jointly evaluated by ningbo yongshang development research association, china brand research center and china market association according to international general standards, and the shortlisted brands were accurately evaluated. this is the most authoritative brand list in ningbo at present. it is known as "ningbo brand oscar". it is evaluated and released once a year. this year is the eighth consecutive release.
being shortlisted in the top 100 brands list of ningbo again is of great significance to the improvement of the brand and image of "fiocco". honor breeds power, and fiocco will certainly boost the development of chinese high-end brand women's wear with higher enthusiasm.