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exclusive general agent of xunshutang in china

release time:2022-02-10 source:fiocco click:271

on may 12, shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, went to japan's kobe xunshutang head office to discuss cooperation with president fuyongren and other responsible persons. fiocco group successfully obtained the exclusive agency right of incense in china and became the exclusive general agent of xunshutang in china.

xunshou hall was founded in 1893 on tamro island, kobe, japan, with a history of 127 years. it mainly produces and sells all kinds of incense. there are nearly 10000 sales stores in japan. it is one of the three incense halls in japan.
since its establishment, xunshutang has always adhered to the theme of "fragrance and truth", and is committed to beautifying life and purifying soul. natural aloe wood or frankincense wood and other raw materials are used in the production process without any chemical addition.

incense mainly has the functions of nourishing the heart, calming the mind, slimming and so on. since ancient times, chinese people have had the traditions of incense sacrificing gods, health care and disease treatment, incense environment, incense clothes and recreation. as a century old incense shop in japan and one of the three incense halls in japan, its products undoubtedly have a broader market audience in china and even the world.
fiocco group has been focusing on international trade for 27 years. this time, fiocco group has become the exclusive general agent of xunshutang china, which marks a new qualitative leap in foreign trade business of fiocco group, and also makes a strong contribution to fiocco group's roots in the field of foreign trade and import.