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fiocco newsletter - ningbo municipal bureau of commerce

release time:2021-12-03 source:fiocco click:854
on the morning of december 3, ye wentao, deputy director of ningbo municipal bureau of commerce, and his party visited fiocco group. accompanied by shi yun, chairman of the group, they visited all business segments of the group.
deputy director ye wentao and his party successively visited y11 buyer collection store, wanghong punch in block, public platform for comprehensive foreign trade services and digital intelligent manufacturing center. mao lilu, general manager of the park, gave a detailed introduction to the construction and operation of the park, brand incubation and cultivation, enabling service mode, etc. deputy director ye wentao and his party highly affirmed and recognized fiocco group's efforts to build a professional platform for garment industry. he said that fiocco transformed from a manufacturing enterprise to a platform, opened its own physical space resources and industrial chain resources, and attracted the gathering of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in textile and clothing through the deployment of industrial chain ecology. with high industrial agglomeration and strong professional service ability, fiocco is a real professional comprehensive service platform for textile and clothing.