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sopeng, commercial counselor of the european department

release time:2019-06-10 source:fiocco click:282

on the morning of june 10, sopeng, commercial counselor of the european department of the ministry of commerce, li ying, first-class commercial secretary and other leaders visited fiocco group for investigation. han jun, deputy director of ningbo municipal bureau of commerce, accompanied the investigation. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, warmly received them.

counsellor sopeng and his party visited the cloud valley platform accompanied by director shi. then the participants had a discussion and exchange on the impact of sino us trade friction, accompanied by zhou yafang, general manager of ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd.
at the meeting, mr. shi briefly introduced the development of fiocco group and the platform of  yesgo valley. with the escalating trade frictions between china and the united states, the situation of the foreign trade industry is not optimistic. president zhou, the person in charge of the external integration platform, made a brief introduction and report on the operation status and response measures of the external integration platform under the new situation, and mentioned that the marginal harm caused by china us trade friction should not be ignored.

shi dong said that fiocco group will actively respond to the new situation, give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises, integrate industrial chain resources, build a platform for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and cooperate with small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in a win-win situation and tide over difficulties. finally, general manager shi put forward relevant policy suggestions to the leaders of the european department of the ministry of commerce based on the actual situation of the enterprise.

counselor sopeng expressed his appreciation for the achievements of fiocco group in the textile, garment and foreign trade industries over the years, and highly affirmed the concept and operation mode of yesgo valley platform. counselor sopeng expressed the hope that enterprises can make long-term preparations, improve their competitiveness, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and implement the market diversification strategy to deal with the new situation under the sino us trade friction. at the same time, the ministry of commerce will increase policy support in export credit insurance, build a platform through non-commercial exhibitions and other forms, help enterprises achieve accurate docking, assist enterprises to explore new overseas markets, and jointly deal with the impact of sino us trade frictions with enterprises.