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the future has come and will come

release time:2019-07-10 source:fiocco click:269

on the morning of july 9, more than 10 enterprise representatives from huawei technology co., ltd., zhejiang kungu intelligent technology co., ltd. and jilin northeast socks textile industrial park development co., ltd. visited fiocco yesgo valley for exchange. mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, warmly received them. later, enterprises from all parties held discussions and exchanges on industrial internet cooperation.

at the meeting, zhu jianyang, industry director of huawei cloud ningbo, and he jing, chairman of zhejiang kungu intelligent technology co., ltd., respectively explained the current development status and competitive advantages of huawei cloud, as well as the innovation of production management mode and service capability brought by industrial internet platform to enterprises, and introduced the cooperation cases between internet and enterprises in detail, deepen the understanding of enterprises present on the industrial internet platform.
on site enterprise representatives held a heated discussion in combination with the integrated development of the enterprise itself and the internet, and conducted demand docking in terms of enterprise management, business and internet platform.

wang changjun, deputy general manager of jilin northeast socks textile industrial park development co., ltd., said that the symposium learned about the business layout and innovative transformation mode of fiocco yesgo valley. at the same time, it deepened the understanding of industrial internet and promoted enterprises to use the new driving force of industrial internet to transform and upgrade.
the holding of the industrial internet industry exchange conference opened a new train of thought for the "internet plus industry" cooperation.
mao lilu, general manager of yesgo valley, said that fiocco yesgo valley has always provided various sharing and enabling services for small, medium and micro enterprises in the garment and textile industry cluster with the concept of "professionalism, sharing, empowerment and win-win". through this forum, yun valley will further cooperate with huawei in the cloud platform, continuously integrate resources and complement each other, and help to integrate the textile and garment industry with internet plus and upgrade the industry.