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ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd

release time:2019-07-18 source:fiocco click:264

recently, the official website of zhejiang provincial department of commerce released an article entitled "publicity of the recognition results of zhejiang foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises in 2019". zhejiang foreign trade service center publicized the list of 30 provincial foreign trade comprehensive service demonstration enterprises, 9 foreign trade comprehensive service growth enterprises and 16 newly established foreign trade comprehensive service pilot enterprises to be identified. among the top 30 provincial foreign trade comprehensive service demonstration enterprises, ningbo is the exclusive top 9, including ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd.
upon learning of this good news, huayi people's blood is boiling. their hard work over the years has been widely recognized by customers and won high praise from organs at all levels. in the future, we will continue to serve every customer with gratitude and give back to the society sincerely.
ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd., founded in 1997, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of fiocco group co., ltd. adhering to the business tenet of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation", huayi foreign trade comprehensive service platform actively provides domestic and foreign merchants with one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services covering information, customs declaration, inspection, tax refund, financing, foreign exchange collection, credit insurance, logistics, exhibition, overseas warehouse, cross-border e-commerce, agent operation and so on.
at present, the platform has seven companies, successively set up branches or offices in hangzhou, yiwu and cixi, sincerely built import and export operation center, supply service center and finance and taxation service center, established an excellent service team of more than 130, and established perfect risk control, finance and taxation and other management systems, in total, it has provided more than 5000 small and medium-sized enterprises with all-weather and one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services, and made great efforts to build a characteristic foreign comprehensive service brand of "one service is called huayi".
in 2016, huayi was listed as a key enterprise of ningbo foreign trade comprehensive service platform, won the title of foreign trade effective enterprise in yinzhou district of ningbo in 2018, and was rated as a demonstration enterprise of foreign trade comprehensive service in zhejiang province in 2019.