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publicity department of yinzhou district party committee

release time:2019-07-19 source:fiocco click:292
on the afternoon of july 19, leaders such as long feilong, member of the standing committee of yinzhou district party committee and publicity department, visited fiocco group to carry out research on publicity, ideology and culture, accompanied by jin feihui, secretary of dongjiao street.
under the warm reception of shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, the visiting leaders visited fiocco home party masses service center and had a comprehensive understanding of ideological publicity and corporate culture construction. then minister fang and other leaders visited the yesgo valley complex.

at the symposium, mr. shi first expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders such as mr. fang of the district publicity department for their visit and concern for the development of fiocco group, and then explained the development status of fiocco group and the construction and future planning of yesgo valley project.
minister fang highly appreciated the development of fiocco group. he pointed out that fiocco group has achieved a foothold in its development and an international perspective: actively respond to the changes of the international economic situation and face the international market; based on the industry, platform thinking: relying on the textile and garment industry, establish the cloud valley platform; based on the present and facing the future: fiocco group outlines the enterprise development blueprint, pays attention to both platform service and brand construction, and develops in a down-to-earth manner.
minister fang's visit also brought relevant policies of yinzhou district on the construction of cultural and creative parks. minister fang said that the government will not only grasp the overall situation with policy guidance, but also give more practical consideration to the development of enterprises, especially to remove obstacles for the development of local enterprises, and the government will provide more and better ecological environment for the development of enterprises.