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typhoon has no lover's complex

release time:2019-08-12 source:fiocco click:278

after the transit of super typhoon "lichema", all parts of ningbo were affected to varying degrees. as a civilized unit in zhejiang province, in order to give full play to the radiation and driving role of civilized units, shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, and his party rushed to tongyi village, dongwu town, immediately after the disaster to carry out post disaster condolences.

accompanied by zhong weihong, member of dongwu town party committee and vice mayor of dongwu town, mr. shi and his party went to the disaster site to check the disaster. deputy mayor zhong said that with the joint efforts of cadres and people in tongyi village, dongwu town, the typhoon disaster did not cause casualties, but most villagers' houses were flooded, causing a lot of economic losses. fiocco group donated 100000 yuan on the spot to help the villagers of tongyi village recover from the disaster. shi liangshan, secretary of tongyi village, expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the villagers of tongyi village.

since its establishment, fiocco group has been actively participating in social welfare undertakings and practicing corporate social responsibility, and has donated more than 20 million yuan. you share rose get fun. in the future, fiocco group will continue to devote itself to public welfare undertakings in the process of enterprise development and actively contribute to social public welfare undertakings.