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leaders of zhejiang provincial department of commerce

release time:2019-12-10 source:fiocco click:278

on the afternoon of december 9, zhang shuming, deputy director of zhejiang provincial department of commerce, lu chang, a second-class researcher of the trade and development department of zhejiang provincial department of commerce and other leaders visited fiocco group for investigation. gang yong, a first-class researcher of ningbo municipal bureau of commerce, mei yijin, a member of the standing committee of yinzhou district party committee, accompanied the investigation.

this survey mainly focuses on the impact of sino us economic and trade frictions on enterprises and the prediction of enterprises on the economic situation next year. shi yun, chairman of the group, and zhou yafang, general manager of ningbo huayi import and export co., ltd., reported and introduced.
at the meeting, mr. shi introduced the group's export situation in 2019. he said that in the face of the complex and severe foreign trade environment, the group served small, medium-sized and micro enterprises internally by cultivating internal skills, adjusting development strategies, seeking innovation and change, and making full use of huayi foreign comprehensive platform and yesgo valley innovation platform by deeply tapping potential customer needs, exploring diversified markets and exploring new forms of foreign trade, so that the export volume of the group will maintain a steady growth trend, and we still have great confidence in maintaining an increase of 10% - 15% in foreign trade exports next year. at the same time, mr. shi also suggested that the government should continue to increase support in export credit insurance and foreign exhibitions, so as to promote the steady development of foreign trade enterprises.

  deputy director zhang shuming fully affirmed that the group could continue to maintain steady development under the current situation, and highly praised the group for incubating, driving and cultivating new foreign integrated business forms of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. in view of the difficulties and problems raised by enterprises, he said that he would take relevant problems back to study, do a good job in advising the leaders of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and try to give more detailed and thoughtful assistance to the foreign trade enterprises in the province in terms of policies, so as to create a better business environment for the development of enterprises.