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shortlisted zhejiang provincial creation list

release time:2019-12-11 source:fiocco click:251

according to the requirements of the notice of zhejiang provincial science and technology leading group office on organizing the application of zhejiang industrial innovation service complex in 2019, on the basis of the recommendation of each city, the department of science and technology of zhejiang province, together with the provincial development and reform commission, the provincial department of economy and information technology and the provincial department of finance, jointly organized the review work, which was reported to the provincial government for approval, yinzhou textile and garment industry innovation service complex in ningbo, zhejiang province (yesgo textile and garment industry innovation service complex) was shortlisted for the third batch of zhejiang industrial innovation service complexes!

the innovative service complex of textile and garment industry in yesgo valley was founded by fiocco group. with "resources capital service" as the core and adhering to the concept of "professionalism, sharing, empowerment and win-win", it creates an ecosystem of textile and garment industry. yesgo valley has been rated as a national textile and garment creative design pilot park (platform) and a manufacturing "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform pilot demonstration project by the ministry of industry and information technology.
at present, more than 50 enterprises have settled in the first phase of yesgo valley, and more than 2000 enterprises and institutions in the textile and garment industry chain and service chain (including more than 1800 suppliers of manufacturing and flour accessories, more than 200 domestic and foreign designers, more than 70 professional service institutions and entrepreneurial and innovation tutor teams) are gathered on the cloud big data platform of yesgo valley textile and garment. at the same time, it also gathers the library of creative works there are more than 500000 pieces of shared resource information such as design database and technical version library. the in-depth cooperation, collaboration and sharing of industry resources has become the cornerstone of yesgo valley's service for small, medium-sized and micro textile and garment start-ups.
nearly 40000 square meters of physical space in the second phase of the yesgo valley project has been fully started. yesgo valley is actively carrying out strategic cooperation with donghua university, zhejiang university of technology, angre college of ningbo university, bath university and zhejiang textile and garment vocational and technical college, jointly cultivating textile and garment design talents and technical talents, and jointly developing yesgo valley textile and garment cloud big data, it is planned to hold the national designer grand prix in 2020 to make yesgo valley an innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base for college students.

the recognition of zhejiang science and technology leading group office this time indicates that yesgo valley has made preliminary achievements in the transformation and upgrading of textile and garment industry, and further strengthens the confidence and determination of yesgo valley to make every effort to build a new model and landmark for the development of textile and garment industry.