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annual meeting review

release time:2019-12-21 source:fiocco click:280

on the afternoon of december 21, the 27th anniversary celebration of fiocco group's "art road, cloud clothes, feiyue dream" opened in meilong town hotel. all employees and invited guests of the group gathered together to summarize the brilliant achievements of the past year and plan the development layout of the new year!

[01 review the present and look to the future]
a thousand pieces of brocade have been displayed in the old year, and a hundred feet pole will be added in the new year. chairman shi yun made the 2019 annual work report. analyze the situation, sort out achievements and strengthen confidence; summarize deficiencies, find gaps and plan ideas; actively seek change, clarify the direction and forge ahead.

 [02 commend the advanced and set an example]
we are grateful to the ambassadors who actively publicize corporate culture, to the rainbow force that protects collective property, to the advanced work with passion and responsibility, to the new force that quickly integrates with forge ahead, to the excellent employees who love their jobs and pursue excellence, to the loyal employees who silently adhere to selfless dedication, and to the gold medal tutors who silently preach and teach, be grateful for the excellent team with tenacious struggle and efficient cooperation.

  [03 self compiled and directed gluttonous feast]
the drizzle outside the venue was intermittent, and the venue was wonderful. dynamic and unrestrained cherry blossom dance, fresh and beautiful hanfu ceremony, affectionate and high pitched patriotic songs, dynamic and beautiful new clothes dance, elated t-stage show, melodious and affectionate duet, lively allegro praise, energetic rhythmic gymnastics, happy and flexible martial arts songs, passionate chorus, self-made, self directed and carefully interpreted, presented a wonderful audio-visual "gluttonous feast".

  [04 interactive game hits the audience]
this is a family banquet. all fiocco colleagues gather together. they have fun and interactive games. hi, burst the whole audience

[05 grand prix, good luck]
the lucky draw is exciting, with rich prizes. the scene is boiling, with laughter, joy and harmony, constant awards and good luck.

   the east wind has arrived, and he is vigorous and soaring thousands of miles; the foundation has been realized, and those who expect to come will be whipped up quickly. looking back on 2019, we have achieved fruitful results. looking forward to 2020, we are full of passion!