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the war "epidemic" began,take responsiblity in difficult times

release time:2020-02-02 source:fiocco click:286

fiocco yesgo valley park officially issued an announcement to the settled enterprises on february 2: if they return to work in strict accordance with the time required by the government (i.e. after 24:00 on february 9, 2020), they will be reduced or exempted for one month.

at present, encourage and help the enterprises in the park to actively respond to and cooperate with the calls and decisions of governments at all levels, take practical actions to reduce the business burden of various small and micro enterprises in the park, join hands with the small and micro enterprises in the park to strengthen their confidence and tide over the difficulties, and release the strong positive energy of fiocco yesgo valley to fight the epidemic, unite and cooperate for win-win results, it shows the due social responsibility and corporate responsibility of the enterprise.


previously, fiocco group has donated 300000 yuan to yinzhou district charity federation and 39000 masks to dongqianhu management committee. at the same time, the senior management of fiocco group continuously mobilized the group's employees through contacts, platforms and organizations, and the amount of donations and materials are still increasing.
unite as one and overcome difficulties together! we firmly believe that this war without gunpowder smoke "epidemic" will eventually pass. when the spring flowers bloom, all the beauty will come as promised!