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yang huifang, director of yinzhou district people's congress

release time:2019-05-23 source:fiocco click:277
on the afternoon of may 23, yang huifang, director of the standing committee of yinzhou district people's congress, and his entourage went to the cloud valley platform of fiocco group to carry out the "three entry and three service" activity. jin feihui, secretary of the party working committee of dongjiao street, ye xiaoguo, director of the working committee of the national people's congress, accompanied the investigation.
accompanied by shi yun, chairman of the group, director yang and his entourage visited the yesgo valley platform exhibition hall, fabric area, leisure area and other shared areas, and learned about the products and development status of some settled enterprises.
shi dong first reported the current development of the group, and introduced the group's cloud platform in detail. he mentioned that the cloud valley is a new way of the "internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain", which integrates the resources of the textile and apparel industry chain and the cross border service resources to create a textile and garment industry complex platform.

for the development concept of fiocco group, including the cloud valley platform, director shi stressed three words: stability, long-term and strong. first stabilize the enterprise, then long-term and finally strong. in the future, yesgo valley will be committed to building a comprehensive fashion science and technology industrial park integrating comprehensive enabling area, business and incubation area, fashion creative area and other comprehensive fashion science and technology industrial parks to expand industries and strengthen services.

director yang fully affirmed the achievements of fiocco group's cloud valley in innovative development, shared services and industrial chain resources. she mentioned that the cloud valley platform is a project of fiocco group based on internal adjustment, changing development ideas and expanding production without increasing land. it is fully in line with the "zero land" technological transformation, and the government will be duty bound to give policy guidance and support.

director yang expressed the hope that yesgo valley will continue to carry forward the development concept of "specialty, sharing, empowerment and win-win", give full play to the advantages of the platform, improve the industrial agglomeration effect, help drive the common development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial and innovative garment enterprises, and drive the transformation and upgrading of ningbo textile and garment industry.