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the symposium was held in fiocco yesgo valley

release time:2021-04-15 source:fiocco click:426

in order to cope with the changes of the international situation and discuss the sustainable development of textile and garment foreign trade enterprises, on the afternoon of april 13, ningbo garment association (ningbo garment industry enterprise service window platform and small and medium-sized enterprise service platform) organized more than 10 representatives of textile and garment foreign trade enterprises, leaders of the municipal bureau of commerce, the bureau of economy and information technology, china citic insurance and relevant business associations representatives of colleges and universities gathered in ningbo yesgo valley fashion science and technology park to hold a symposium on ningbo textile and garment foreign trade enterprises.

the symposium was presided over by mao yihua, secretary general of the association. secretary general mao introduced one by one and welcomed the leaders, guests, representatives of enterprises and institutions present. ningbo has the unique advantages and methods of the foreign trade industry, and she has enough confidence to face the challenges of the foreign trade industry. she then threw out topics on how to maintain sustainable development of exports, how to undertake domestic brand orders in internal circulation, and cross-border e-commerce exploration for the delegates to discuss.

the participating entrepreneurs warmly introduced the situation of their enterprises and expressed their views on the above topics.
sheng wubin, chairman of ningbo minglang garment co., ltd., said that after years of development, ningbo foreign trade garment enterprises have formed a more standardized employment atmosphere and have different development models from similar enterprises in other provinces and cities.
lin zhimin, chairman of ningbo hualun ruitai clothing co., ltd., said that the enterprise has been pursuing international standards for many years, benchmarking the requirements of high-end factory inspection in europe and the united states, as well as the corresponding hardware and staff training. at the time of ambition, it encountered the great impact of the epidemic. i am very grateful to the association for providing this opportunity to seek medical advice.
xu shuai, deputy general manager of shidanu group co., ltd., said that the enterprise has always adhered to the concept of excellence and expertise, and chose the mode of opening factories in other places and foreign countries to deal with the current situation.
lin tao, foreign trade manager of aiyimei group co., ltd., said that the enterprise is not suitable for the order mode of fast response and fast consumption. last year, it also paid a lot of tuition fees in amazon. at present, it is mainly engaged in the group service market.
shi mei, vice president of fiocco group co., ltd., said that women's clothing brands have tried a variety of internal circulation business models. at present, they focus on the platform operation of yesgo valley fashion technology park and share the r & d and design resources, supply chain resources and global customer resources accumulated by the group in recent 30 years to the settled enterprises.

after carefully listening to the speeches of entrepreneurs, shi shuhan, deputy director of the foreign trade management office of the municipal bureau of commerce, said that the views of ningbo garment foreign trade entrepreneurs are practical and vivid. speaking of the difficulties and pain points of the current industry, the municipal bureau of commerce will soon hold a special training meeting on high-tech declaration for foreign trade enterprises to provide new ideas for garment foreign trade enterprises to explore new paths. she encouraged entrepreneurs to strengthen their confidence, pay more attention to the new trends and channels of international trade after the signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (rcep), and communicate with the local bureau of commerce and the municipal garment association. the municipal bureau of commerce will timely adjust policies according to the feedback to help the steady and healthy development of garment foreign trade enterprises.

chen guoqiang, consultant of china garment association and director of the institute of industrial economics, made a concluding speech from three aspects: response, coordination and transformation. director chen said that ports, foreign trade and clothing are the urban genes of ningbo. we have no way back and must go on firmly. ningbo's garment industry has formed a unique model and has a good foundation. we should increase research and actively explore the innovation system of politics, industry and science and the new market economy system with the government, associations and enterprises as the main body. garment foreign trade enterprises should also actively seek digital, high-end and service-oriented transformation, and build a number of world-class leading platform enterprises.