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professional platform, fashion concept

release time:2019-10-24 source:fiocco click:274

on october 24, 2019 ningbo fashion festival and the 23rd ningbo international fashion festival opened in ningbo international convention and exhibition center. 285 brands from 12 countries and regions staged fashion blockbusters in ningbo. as an innovative service complex of textile and garment industry, fiocco yesgo valley made its debut at the fashion festival. with a brand-new brand image, it perfectly interprets the platform concept of professionalism, sharing, empowerment and win-win.

yesgo valley fashion technology exhibition hall is located in hall 2 of the convention and exhibition center, with eye-catching yellow and blue colors, presenting a visual feast with the perfect integration of technology and art. there are two electronic screens on the exterior wall of the exhibition hall, which play the publicity film of yesgo valley and the gathered big data, and display the textile and clothing cloud of yesgo valley, the resource database of yesgo valley complex, the phase ii planning of yesgo valley and other contents in an all-round way. the walls in the exhibition hall show the development concept, partners and settled enterprises of yesgo valley. at the same time, through the sand table model, the international space concept, fashionable content, refined services and business functions of yesgo valley are displayed to the visitors, attracting the visits and hot comments of many guests, media and visitors.

outside the exhibition hall

inside the exhibition hall

yesgo valley sand table

at 8:30 a.m., qiu dongyao, deputy secretary of ningbo municipal party committee and mayor, liu pingjun, chairman of china brand building promotion association and former deputy director general of aqsiq, wang shicheng, deputy secretary of the party committee of china light industry federation, chen dapeng, vice president of china textile industry federation, fu longcheng, vice president of china federation of commerce, and chen bingrong, vice mayor of ningbo municipal people's government, li min, member of the party group and chief engineer of the department of economy and information technology of zhejiang province, zhang liangcai, secretary general of ningbo municipal people's government, cao tingrui, director of the textile department of the consumer goods department of the ministry of industry and information technology, and other provincial and municipal leaders and relevant international friends in the international fashion industry visited the booth of yesgo valley. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, guided the leaders and guests to watch the big data screen, promotional videos display wall and sand table, and introduce the development orientation, development status and future planning of yesgo valley.

shi dong said that yesgo valley is a comprehensive service platform for building an efficient connection between garment resources and capital (yesgo valley = resources capital services). through the effective integration of fashion garment industry chain resources and financial capital, it provides various enabling services for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in textile and garment clusters. the valley of cloud clothing is dedicated to "planting wutong trees, attracting phoenix to live". mayor qiu greatly appreciated the innovative and shared enabling concept of yesgo valley and the construction of phase ii project of yesgo valley, and encouraged yesgo valley to take a good lead and set an example in transformation, upgrading and high-quality development.

since its establishment, yesgo valley fashion science and technology park has been committed to deploying the entrepreneurship and innovation service chain around the textile and garment industry chain with the concept of "professionalism, sharing, empowerment and win-win", so as to build a shared and empowered industrial chain ecology for the regional characteristic economy with high cluster of textile and garment industry.
through the "window effect" of ningbo fashion festival, more small, medium-sized and micro textile and garment enterprises will approach yesgo valley, understand yesgo valley and pay attention to yesgo valley. in the future, fiocco yesgo valley will gather more high-quality industrial resources, provide stronger capital support, improve more comprehensive enabling services, and help drive the common development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial and innovative garment enterprises, with a view to becoming a small, medium-sized and micro textile and garment industry enterprise in ningbo in terms of creative design, technology r & d, brand operation, international trade cross border e-commerce and other best service platforms for textile and garment industry agglomeration.