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fiocco group contributes to the dragon boat world cup

release time:2019-11-04 source:fiocco click:292

split the waves and break the waves, compete together, beat the drums and compete for the top. the two-day 2019 international rowing federation dragon boat world cup ended yesterday in dongqian lake, ningbo. 34 teams from 28 countries and regions competed enthusiastically on dongqian lake.

fiocco group contributes to the top dragon boat race under the international rowing federation - 2019 international rowing federation dragon boat world cup. on the final court of that day, the chinese women's dragon boat team with the words "fiocco group" printed on the hull waved their oars neatly and uniformly, rushed to the finish line with the rhythm of the drum, and finally won the champion of the 500 meter straight race, which became a beautiful scenery in the race.

the dragon boat race carries the cultural core of the unity, hard work and progress of the chinese nation. ningbo is the birthplace of the dragon boat race. the unearthed feather man race pattern copper tomahawk records the earliest paddle water sports in the world.

as a local enterprise in ningbo, fiocco group takes root in the field of textile and clothing and develops steadily. all fiocco people adhere to the dragon boat spirit of unity and cooperation and striving for the top, striving for excellence and innovative development. shi yun, chairman of fiocco group, said: "the dragon boat race is the inheritance carrier of chinese civilization. the dragon boat spirit of dragon boat racing, helping each other in the same boat and leaping waves and competing for the first coincides with the corporate culture of fiocco group, which hopes to help the dragon boat race carry forward the traditional culture and competitive spirit of the chinese nation."