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vice mayor li guanding visited fiocco group to investigate

release time:2020-02-20 source:fiocco click:289

on the morning of february 19, li guanding, vice mayor of ningbo, leaders from the municipal bureau of commerce and the municipal finance office visited fiocco group to investigate the resumption of work and production of foreign trade enterprises and the dynamics of foreign customers. shi yun, chairman of  fiocco group, and zhou zaifang, vice president of fiocco group, received and introduced relevant information.

mr. shi introduced that under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the health and safety of all employees, fiocco group has started production and resumed production in sequence. at present, fiocco group is vigorously invested in the production of emergency epidemic prevention materials to fully ensure the demand for epidemic prevention materials;
affected by the epidemic, the delivery date of the original orders of foreign trade customers has been delayed, which will cause certain losses to customers. all departments of the group have actively communicated and explained with foreign customers, and promised that customers will pay close attention to production and try their best to reduce customer losses after the epidemic is gradually controlled;
huayi external integration platform of the group also understands the needs of online and offline small and micro enterprises for the first time, provides them with policy consultation, working capital support, financing guarantee services, docking with supplier resources and other support, and further maintains the cooperative relationship between the external integration platform and small and micro enterprises.

vice mayor li highly appreciated the social responsibility of fiocco group for switching to the production of emergency epidemic prevention materials in extraordinary times and requiring enterprises to bear their own losses, and fully affirmed the group's warm-hearted measures to support small, medium and micro enterprises in foreign trade to tide over the difficulties in times of crisis;
vice mayor li asked the accompanying departments such as the municipal bureau of commerce and the municipal finance office to explore the credit endorsement of the foreign comprehensive platform, further extend the depth and breadth of "ningbo trade loan" and policy banks to support the solution of the financing difficulties and high financing of foreign trade small, medium and micro enterprises, so as to maximize the benefits of foreign trade small, medium and micro enterprises and escort their development;
at the same time, vice mayor li hoped that the group would enhance confidence, deal with difficulties, exercise internal skills and resist risks, so as to achieve stable growth of foreign trade import and export volume