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good news! fiocco medical mask exported

release time:2020-06-30 source:fiocco click:310
in order to regulate the export order of medical materials, the ministry of commerce, the general administration of customs and the state administration of market supervision issued the "joint announcement no. 12". from april 26, when protective articles are exported, the customs will check and release them on the basis of the list of production enterprises that have obtained foreign standards or registered provided by the ministry of commerce, that is, the "white list".

on june 29, ningbo huayi clothing co., ltd., a subsidiary of fiocco group, was listed in the list of medical manufacturers certified or registered with foreign standards updated by china medical insurance chamber of commerce, which indicates that the disposable medical masks produced by the company meet the requirements and standards of the eu market and have fully qualified for export, it has laid a solid foundation for our products to enter the european market.

at the same time, ningbo huayi clothing co., ltd. also successfully passed the approval of zhejiang provincial drug administration and obtained the class ii medical device registration certificate, which means that the disposable medical mask produced by the company has been recognized by the state authorities in terms of quality testing and production links, and further enhanced the market competitiveness of the company's epidemic prevention products.

since the outbreak, fiocco group, as a manufacturer of epidemic prevention and control materials in ningbo, has given full play to its industrial advantages and switched to the production of epidemic prevention materials such as civilian masks, disposable medical masks and civilian isolation clothes in accordance with high standards and strict requirements, making substantive breakthroughs and progress, and effectively supporting the epidemic prevention and control work.
at present, the company has built two full-automatic mask production lines with a daily output of 170000. in the next step, fiocco group will continue to pay attention to the global epidemic situation, establish strict and perfect mask inspection procedures, continue to do a good job in quality control, provide countries or regions in need with products that meet the protection requirements, and contribute to the global epidemic prevention and control.